We have a number of other tents available, such as Beduoin style tents, an Indian Pavillion, and other options to create shelter from sun or rain, as well as pleasant spaces

Mess Tents (6.4x14.m / 21x48ft) are strong, warm and their heavy canvas reduces the travel of sound. We can dress the insides as kids play spaces, workshop, crew areas or late night venues. They are modular (12ft modules) so could be used as 2 tents 24ft long or various other combinations.

Bedu Style Tops (12x6m / 40x20ft - 4 available) provide good sized simple shelters and meeting spaces without huge expense

Medievil Round (5.5m / 18ft) is bright, fun and cosy

This pretty Indian Top (6.8m / 22ft) has a beautiful bright cotton ceiling of hand sewn bright panels

Simple rope and post frame with White Camo Net (10x5m / 32x16ft) as sun shelter

sun shelter shade

Workshop space (6.4x7.3m / 21x24ft)

Firepit Parachute Cover (white or green)